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The site is divided into two parts: the first contains genealogy and biography; the second contains informations on my publications, lectures, and other activities. On Android systems for smartphones, the buttons only work on some browsers, such as e.g. Mozilla Firefox.

Genealogy and biography

History and Biography

Here is one biographical article and some reports from my travels, of which the one on the bombing also contains a little about the historical event.

Notes in Revue du Souvenir Napoléonien (2000, 2008)
The 1807 Bombning of Copenhagen (2007)
Thomas Fincke (2011)

Some of my tips for genealogists

The tips are published on the site of DIS-Filbyter. DIS-Filbyter is a regional association of the genealogy association DIS.

Older terminolgy concerning soldiers, military grades, etc.
How do you do genealogy research in Denmark?

Sporadic stories from my family history

The articles in the series "Sporadic stories from my family history" give a few insights into my family history. The first four are from the 19th century. These articles do not claim to live up to scientific demands on references and source criticism, but should more be regarded as a kind of causeries. The articles were also previously published on the site of DIS-Filbyter.

  1. The colera kills husband and all five children witin a week  

  2. Vicar helped bomb victims - or?  

  3. The farm Svalövsgården - first stop in Sweden  

  4. Kinship with Napoleon?  

My ancesters

Various on some relatives

Picture gallery
Notices on persons
Family names

A little on my activities


List of publications
Some space reports
List of subjects

Oral presentations

Yearly listings of lectures and courses


Somthing on my contacts with media


Diverse on my activities


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